ANFTC kan de volgende prof-checks afnemen.

Class Rating SEP (land)

Indien uw class rating verlopen is geldt onderstaande (EASA) richtlijn:


Renewal of Class and Type Ratings: Refresher training

If a class or type rating has lapsed, the applicant shall take refresher training at an ATO. The objective of the training is to reach the level of proficiency necessary to safely operate the relevant type or class of aircraft. The amount of refresher training needed should be determined on a case-by-case basis by the ATO, taking into account the following factors:

  • The experience of the applicant. To determine this, the Ato should evaluate the pilot’s logbook, and, if necessary, conduct a test in a FSTD;
  • The complexity of the aircraft;
  • The amount of time lapsed since the expiry of the validity period of the rating. The amount of training needed to reach the desired level of proficiency should increase with the time lapsed. In some cases, after evaluating the pilot, and when the time lapsed is very limited (less then 3 months), the ATO may even determine that no further refresher training is necessary. When determining the needs of the pilot, the following items can be taken into consideration:
  1. expiry shorter than 3 months; no supplementary requirements;
  2. expiry longer than 3 months but shorter than 1 year: a minimum of two training sessions;
  3. expiry longer than 1 year but shorter than 3 years: a minimum of three training sessions;
  4. expiry longer than 3 years: the applicant should again undergo the training required for the initial issue of the rating;


  • Once the ATO has determined the needs of the applicant, it should develop an individual training programme that should be based on the initial training for the issue of the rating and focus on the aspects where the applicant has shown the greatest needs.
  • After succesful completion of the training, the ATO should give a certificate, or other documental evidence that the training has been succesfullu achieved to the applicant, to be submitted to the competent authority when applying for the renewal. The certificate or documental evidence needs to contain a description of the traing programme.

Indien uw Class Rating SEP verlopen is (renewal) dan dient er een certificaat te worden gemaakt door de stichting ANFTC. (kosten € 50,00)